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LED Outdoor Lighting: $6 Billion Could Be Saved Every Year In The United States

Suddenly, almost overnight, we are beginning to see energy saving LED lighting  many places. For instance, this year’s Super Bowl was not only played under LED lights, almost everything and everywhere around the game was lit up, Ranging from the new flat-panel TV used for watching the game which was illuminated by LED back lights to the poles that were mounted in the parking lots outside the sports bar and even the highways and streets from the stadium to people’s homes may also have been retrofitted with LED lights as well.

Slowly but steadily, and surely too,  a lot of the about 3 billion screw sockets that are found in our homes are beginning to change into  light emitting diode (LED)  bulbs which saves about 80% of energy compared to the regular incandescent light bulbs. Plus it also lasts for about 25 years. This is illustrated in the NRDC’s light bulb buying guide (PDF)  

The fact that LED bulbs represents an energy efficient path to our lighting future can not be doubted and the use of LED outdoor lighting to light up our highways and streets is a super high route to savings of energy considering that these bulbs are often on for at least twelve hours a day.

Potentials Of The New LED Outdoor Lighting

While a lot of us rely on outdoor lighting for our safe keep, and to keep our cities moving even after sundown, it requires a very high amount of money and energy to power the about hundred  million or even more outdoor lights in the streets of US.  As a matter of fact, roadway lighting and outdoor parking consumes about $10 billion worth of electricity every year, this is about just the same amount of power consumed by an average of 6 million homes. Often times, this power comes from dirty coal burning power plants which emits carbon dioxide.

Your tax dollars either at the local or state level pay for all these electricity which are necessary for outdoor, street and highway lighting.

Now, here is the great news, the LED technology is capable of cutting a city’s spending on electricity to the volume of half or even more.  Putting into consideration the fact that most municipalities are strapped for funds, a shift to energy saving LED bulbs will sure help local governments to cut down on operating expenses while still contributing their quota to reduce their carbon footprints. Not too long ago,  the presidential challenge for advanced outdoor lighting was issued by President Barack Obama and it is aimed at upgrading 1.5 million light poles around the country and to also work with mayors in order to encourage the adoption of LED outdoor lighting.

The Huge Saving Potentials Of LED Technology

Currently, Less than 5% of outdoor lighting fixtures make use of LED bulbs and the savings potential is quite huge. According to a DOE fact sheet, a complete shift to LED outdoor lights outdoor will help to save more than $6billion for America and also prevent the emission of 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

We should hope that more cities and parking owners takes advantage of this opportunity to save energy and money and also help prevent emissions that are dangerous from power plants. The upfront cost for LED outdoor lighting is paid back quickly plus it represents a very big investment towards reduced air pollution and lower bills for many years to come.

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