BAA Compliant LED High Bay Lights

When to Use LED High Bay Lights

When to Use LED High Bay Lights

Are you planning to replace the lightning fixture of your building? No matter, if you are a business owner or a facility manager, looking for the best lightning fixture, can be a tough task. It needs to provide best facilities along with the affordable cost and less maintenance. To save you from the trouble of finding the perfect lightning fixture, we have decided to help you out. Well, as you know, the market is full of different choices but the needs of today can be met only by high bay lights.

What is patriot high bay series?

It is a type of high bay series which can be found in a lot of different places like a factory, a warehouse or a gym. A high bay light fixture is a fixture that is capable of taking a lot of different forms but it depends on the source of light. For example, if you are selecting a high-pressure sodium fixture, it typically consists of a heat sink block. It is attached to the top of the fixture that has the fixture ballast. Attached to the dome is HID bulb that comes in two different wattages i.e. 400 and 1000. Although in the start, the use of this technology was limited due to its expensiveness. But now, as the developments have already taken place, the cost is reduced which is why the adoption rate is going up.

Application of patriot high bay series:

There are a lot of places where the highbay lights will work best and where they fit the purpose perfectly. Here is the list of the places where this technology can be used to get the best results:

1.     Warehouses:

The high ceilings and open areas need a proper illumination system and the high bay series are the best choice anyone can have. The height of the ceilings in a warehouse is perfect for the use of this technology.

2.     Gymnasiums:

The next where the technology can be effectively used is the gymnasiums. This is a place that has high ceilings that are perfect for the use of high bay technology.

3.     Factories:

The next place where this technology can be used is factory. As a lot of machinery is installed in the place, the ceilings are kept at a high level which is why the high bay technology is used.

The best situation in which the patriot highbay series can be used is when the ceilings are between the heights of 20 to 40 feet. We, at Patriot LED, provide you with the best quality BAA Compliant LED High Bay Lights that is made in USA. We are here to provide you with the best quality lights at an affordable price so that you can have the best lightning fixture. Contact us as soon as possible to get the best services in town.

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