best method of cleaning led light fixtures

Best Method of Cleaning LED Lights & Lamps

BAA compliant led lighting fixtures are some of the brightest and most energy saving on the market, but they also require the same attention and care as your regular incandescent lighting. You need to set a regular schedule of maintenance so that your BAA compliant led lamps remain looking and functioning their best.

 Gather Cleaning Materials

 Lighting fixtures should never be cleaning with a terry cloth or paper towel as they not only leave behind fibres, but can potentially scratch the surface of the fixture. Instead, buy a microfibre towel that is soft and can pick up and retain dust and debris. You can use a small amount of dish soap and water, or a specific cleanser for rust spots or stains.

 Consider Safety First

 Before attempting to clean your lighting fixture you should first turn off the power. If you must use cleansers or water, it’s a good idea to turn off the breaker switch to avoid electrocution. If you can’t see what you’re doing, have an assistant hold a flashlight so you can see what you’re doing.

 You should also wait for the lightbulbs to cool down first. If you’re doing a thorough cleaning, remove all bulbs. You can carefully wipe down the surface of the bulbs with a damp cloth and let then air dry before installing again.

 When cleaning your lighting fixture, use a sturdy step ladder to reach up. Never use a chair, and never stand on your toilet or your sink’s cabinet. You may even wish to have a friend provide an additional set of hands so that you don’t have to be stepping up and down the ladder to fetch the next tool you need.

 Clean Your Lighting Fixture

 Remove your BAA compliant led lighting cover, and any bulbs that are removable before cleaning.  Most dust and debris can be removed with a microfibre cloth and a bit of water. If there is stubborn discolouration, it might come off with Windex or CLR. If not, you can choose to replace your fixture or not worry about it, as likely most people won’t notice anyway.

 Never spray solution directly onto your fixture or electrical components. Always apply it to your cloth first, before wiping down your BAA compliant led lamps.  Use a dry cloth to mop up any excess moisture from the lamp or the wall. Give another 30 minutes for the led lights to dry. Now you can replace bulbs and the cover.

 Double Check your Hardware

 Before you turn the power back on, double check that your lighting fixture is securely installed in wall or ceiling, and that all bulbs are tight. Ensure the cover is securely on. You may now turn on the power to your bathroom, and then the light switch for your BAA compliant led lamps.

 If your BAA compliant led lamps are not working as they should, it may be time to call in a qualified electrician, or browse the Patriot LED website for new BAA compliant led lamps.

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