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BAA Compliant LED Lights

Getting the right LED light for your space is one factor you need to consider carefully. This is because there are only a few versatile LED lighting solutions out there. When we are talking about versatility, your lighting solution must be able to serve every purpose including overhead general lighting, ambiance lighting, and task lighting. You should also be able to use them in a wide range of spaces and locations and you must ensure that they are BAA compliant LED lights.

We have decided to make the process easier for you by providing you with some pointers. With our tips, you’ll be able to get BAA compliant LED lights easily.


LED lights are a form of recessed lighting. In short, any lighting that can be placed within a ceiling in order to have a streamlined edge with clean lines can be referred to as a recessed lighting. Most people consider can lights to be the only type of recessed lighting, but the thing is, this type of lighting solution can also be in longer fixtures which make use of LED tube lamps or compact fluorescent lamps.

Basically, recessed refers to the way the lighting is fixed. Therefore, you need to first consider if you want your BAA compliant LED light to be a can fixture or a tube fixture. A can fixture is perfect for task lighting and ambiance, while a tube fixture is great if you want a longer tube solution that can be used for a space that needs more lumen output.


Sizing is another important factor to consider when you are choosing a rounded, recessed can lighting. Can lighting solutions come in smaller and larger types, and their size range is usually between three inches in diameter and six inches in diameter. So when getting your BAA compliant LED lights, you need to be wary of the size. While the larger units can be used for larger spaces, the smaller units are a lot better for ambiance and task lighting.


When selecting your BAA compliant LED lights, you need to take the wiring process into consideration. Getting the ones that are easy to install is great, but you also need to ensure that the wiring knockouts will work for your ceiling. Ensure that the model you buy contains multiple knockouts so as to enjoy the benefit of being able to fix it on different ceilings and wiring layouts.


There are different bulb types that can be used with a recessed BAA compliant LED light, all you need to do is follow the specified guidelines for fixing them. There was a time when fluorescents were the topmost choice for lighting. Now, everyone considers LED lightings to be the best type. This is because there are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed when you make use of LED lights; some of the benefits include:

  • Low wattage consumption
  • Better return on investment, and
  • Lower emitting heat.

When purchasing your BAA compliant LED light, ensure that you check the housing carefully. The housing of your fixture is a very important element. It is what you’ll be mounting into the ceiling’s opening so it should be made of materials with high durability in order to be able to withstand the placement’s pressures. Options you can choose from include steel, aluminum, and other strong metal frames designed to support the overall fixture.

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