led outdoor lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting: $6 Billion Could Be Saved Every Year In The United States

Suddenly, almost overnight, we are beginning to see energy saving LED lighting  many places. For instance, this year’s Super Bowl was not only played under LED lights, almost everything and everywhere around the game was lit up, Ranging from the new flat-panel TV used for watching the game which was illuminated by LED back lights to the poles that were mounted in the parking lots outside the sports bar and ...

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buy baa led tubes

America Led Lighting and BAA Led Tubes, Why They Are The Best Choice?

Today, every aspect of our life experiences rapid changes with lighting not left out. Lighting, in particular, seems to have experienced rapid change as we see many businesses and homes shifting attention from the old T8 lamps to the latest energy and environmental efficient led tubes lamps. When it comes to choosing lighting and tubes for any project in the US, thought must be given to the American led lighting and ...

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Patriot LED Grow Lights

The Impact Of LED Grow Lights On Human Health

The Impact Of LED Grow Lights On Human Health The rapid gain in the use of LED technology for horticultural lighting software has also raised discussions concerning the possible human health risks in comparison with legacy lighting solutions. This is due to the differences in visual appearance (color and intensities) of the lighting within such applications. In a high enough intensity, any type of light, regardless of the origin has the potential ...

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BAA Compliant LED High Bay Lights

When to Use LED High Bay Lights

When to Use LED High Bay Lights Are you planning to replace the lightning fixture of your building? No matter, if you are a business owner or a facility manager, looking for the best lightning fixture, can be a tough task. It needs to provide best facilities along with the affordable cost and less maintenance. To save you from the trouble of finding the perfect lightning fixture, we have decided to ...

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best method of cleaning led light fixtures

Best Method of Cleaning LED Lights & Lamps

BAA compliant led lighting fixtures are some of the brightest and most energy saving on the market, but they also require the same attention and care as your regular incandescent lighting. You need to set a regular schedule of maintenance so that your BAA compliant led lamps remain looking and functioning their best.  Gather Cleaning Materials  Lighting fixtures should never be cleaning with a terry cloth or paper towel as ...

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buy baa compliant led lights

BAA Compliant LED Lights

Getting the right LED light for your space is one factor you need to consider carefully. This is because there are only a few versatile LED lighting solutions out there. When we are talking about versatility, your lighting solution must be able to serve every purpose including overhead general lighting, ambiance lighting, and task lighting. You should also be able to use them in a wide range of spaces and ...

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