led flood lights

Selecting the Best LED Flood Lights for Your Lighting Needs

Lighting can seem like a simple issue until you are faced with making decisions that significantly impact your construction or renovation budget. That is when you understand the complexity of lighting your space for various uses and the importance of getting it right. Flood Lights or Spotlights? LED flood lights and spot lights can often be used interchangeably, but there are some instances in which this is not the case. A spotlight ...

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led outdoor lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting: $6 Billion Could Be Saved Every Year In The United States

Suddenly, almost overnight, we are beginning to see energy saving LED lighting  many places. For instance, this year’s Super Bowl was not only played under LED lights, almost everything and everywhere around the game was lit up, Ranging from the new flat-panel TV used for watching the game which was illuminated by LED back lights to the poles that were mounted in the parking lots outside the sports bar and ...

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